Instructor Mentorship

two women doing assisted yoga and fitness exercise

Fitness Instructor Mentorship

Support for Yoga and Barre Fitness Teachers

An essential part of becoming an empowered and impactful teacher, is having an inspirational guide of your own. Becoming a teacher is a humbling journey. Nicole will help you reach your goals through support, accountability, feedback and encouragement. Join Origin's Fitness Instructor Mentorship today!

  • Do you need help experiencing a posture in correct alignment in your own body, or have questions about modifications?
  • Are you struggling with how to format the layout of a class? Nicole can teach you how to maximize your time, so you can offer classes that have variety and creativity, keeping your clients interested and engaged week after week.
  • Or maybe you need a safe and supportive environment to start stumbling out the words as you begin your teaching journey. It won't be perfect to start, but we all must begin somewhere, and the more you practice, the easier and more natural teaching will become.
  • Do you dread making playlists? Or spend so much time creating them that the process has become overwhelming?

Nicole has participated in and led countless teacher trainings and is excited to offer this special opportunity to inspire the next generation of teachers.

During your Fitness Instructor Mentorship, you will have unlimited access to the studio to  take and observe classes, and practice teaching on your own and with guidance and feedback from Nicole.

Let Nicole Help You Become An Empowered Instructor

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Lori L.
Lori L.