Thai Therapeutic Massage

Pain Relief, Stress Relief and Injury Treatment

Betsy Ewall - Licensed Massage Therapist - Thai Therapeutic Massage

Betsy Ewall, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

"It is my passion and my pleasure to assist you on your journey to greater health! Pain Relief, Stress Relief and Injury Treatment."

"I believe our ability to heal begins within, and is much greater than most of us even consider. Our bodies are intended to heal themselves and will do so given the right circumstances. Together we will explore what YOUR body needs in order to heal."
-Betsy Ewall, LMT

Traditional Thai Massage is a branch of Traditional Thai Medicine. It has been a part of everyday preventative and well-being treatment in Thailand for thousands of years. A Thai massage session is unique in that it is different for each client and focuses on the physical and energetic needs of each individual. Thai massage sessions incorporate compression, acupressure and passive yoga-like stretching. Sessions can be therapeutic and focus on specific areas of discomfort or it can be gentle, nurturing and relaxing. What you need from your massage is what you will get.

Increased joint range of motion and mobility
Restores and maintains one's sense of balance
Stimulates the body's own natural healing process