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1. Choose a Class

Origin's online scheduling and payments are powered by Karmasoft

  • Select a fitness class using our online scheduling calendar and press "book".
  • A new browser window will open up, redirecting you to the Origin Fitness Karmasoft login page.
  • Follow directions in step 2 to access Karmasoft, Origin's trusted scheduling software.
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2. Create a Karmasoft Account

We've made it easy- schedule and pay for classes right from your computer, tablet or phone, using Origin's convenient mobile-friendly website.

  • If you were not redirected to the Origin House of Fitness Karmasoft login page after booking a class, click here.
  • Existing Karmasoft members can log in directly using a username and password.
  • New members that have a Karmasoft account started should use the "Attended classes but don't have account?" link.
  • If you're brand new to Origin Fitness, and don't have a Karmasoft account yet, click the "Sign Up New Students" link.
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Or Just Call Us!

Despite all the technology, you can always just give us a call the good ol' fashioned way.

If technology fails you or just isn't your preference, you can skip all the mouse clicks and just call us directly.

(970) 223-1767


Here's What to Expect


Barre Fitness




Mat Pilates



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ARRIVE 15 minutes early.

SIGN IN fill out waiver, and your instructor will show you around.

EQUIPMENT AND MATS are provided for all classes. We encourage you to bring your own mat for yoga classes, and we provide special, thicker mats for barre and Pilates classes.

WEAR COMFORTABLE workout clothing, and bring a water bottle

GRIP/STICKY SOCKS ARE REQUIRED for Barre Classes, and are available for purchase in the studio.

WEAR CLEAN, DRY SNEAKERS for Bootcamp classes for your safety and the cleanliness of the studio.


"Origin is amazing! Nicole, the owner and instructor, is talented and thoughtful with her approach to fitness. I’ve tried every class she offers and have loved them all. Her instruction is thorough and informative. I’m more knowledgable about my own body and physical wellness than ever before. Barre is a fantastic workout and a great starting point for new clients. Full-body workouts in an hour that show results!"

Beth C. 

"This studio is awesome! Nicole has done a tremendous job bringing her vision to life. The class sizes are small and the offerings are diverse and for all levels. Her attention to detail and form are what set this studio apart from some of the other larger gyms in the area, she'll guide you through the movements and make sure your form is correct. Nicole has collaborated with other mindful practitioners to bring a studio to Fort Collins like none other. I can't say enough good things about Nicole or this studio. If you're tired of the big gym experience and are looking for an intimate environment where you're more than just a number, this is the place for you!"

Lisa M.

"Origin HOF is so welcoming. The smaller class sizes are great. Nicole can help you move forward regardless of your level of fitness. She is extremely aware of every individual's needs."

Rick B.